About the World of JoHo

JoHo is a development organization with online platforms and support centers,
where people and organizations are stimulated and helped in personal development and international cooperation.
JoHo wants to enable people and organizations to develop and work better together, and thereby contribute to a tolerant and sustainable world

JoHo mission

  • JoHo wants people and organizations to collaborate and contribute to a tolerant and sustainable world.

JoHo purpose

  • Through the establishment of global stores (support centers), networks and internet platforms, JoHo wants to encourage and support people and organizations in sharing knowledge, making decisions and developing talent.
  • "Discover the invented wheels": the common theme in the activities of JoHo is making information available. Sharing information and bringing parties together through a practical approach saves time, money and effort. Also in international cooperation knowledge is not always shared and available resources are often underused. The wheels are being reinvented, again and again and by many organizations.
  • By setting up local support centers JoHo makes a significant contribution to successful international cooperation. Interested and enterprising people with initiatives in the field of international cooperation, development, sustainable tourism and conservation, can easily get connected, transfer knowledge and get support.  

JoHo target group

  • JoHo´s target groups are pupils, students, expats, entrepreneurs, travellers, volunteers and organizations who care about international cooperation.

JoHo themes

  • JoHo's core themes are: Talent Development (Learn & Study, Work & Career, Enterprise & Initiate) and International Cooperation (Help & Inspiration, Travel & Control, Immigration & Immigrating).

JoHo products and services

  • JoHo's main products and services are: coaching, advice and discounts on articles, insurances, travel services, activities, training, facilities, summaries and media.

What does The World of JoHo consist of?

  • JoHo Centers: the online and physical JoHo platforms for JoHo supporters and members.
  • JoHo World Supporter: the JoHo platform for everybody who wants to do something for another. It is an online community and marketplace for global citizens, businesses and volunteers.
  • JoHo World Summary Bank: the JoHo platform for supply and demand in the field of national and international summaries.
  • JoHo World Activity: the JoHo platform and concept store for supply and demand in terms of products, training, mediation and insurance for trips and activities abroad.
  • JoHo World Insurances & Travel Information: the JoHo platform for all your insurances, security precautions, visa, vaccinations and health services related to a short or long stay abroad.

More about the JoHo WorldSupporter platform

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