Travel insurances & Safety

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Why do I need a Travel Insurance?

Helping out on a project as a volunteer or doing your internship with a local organisation, it all sounds exciting, but unfortunately things can go wrong and you can find yourself needing urgent medical assistance, help with replacing lost luggage and/or assistance with making an urgent trip back home. Travel Insurance can offer coverage for the following:

  • Medical Costs, from a visit to a local doctor to emergency hospital care;
  • Expatriation in countries where medical facilities are limited, repatriation by air ambulance is sometimes necessary;
  • Extra Travelling Expenses coverage is available should you need to return home due to a sick family member or if for medical reasons you are required to return home; 
  • Luggage, in the unfortunate situation of stolen luggage it is reassuring to know that the costs of replacing your stolen items can be insured; 
  • If it is necessary to cancel your trip prior to departure due to unforeseen circumstances, insurance is available to cover cancellation costs incurred.

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